The Acorn Group

Acorn is an independent development and regeneration specialist that has, for many years, successfully created a range of residential-led refurbishment and new build schemes.

With offices in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Hampshire and the South West of England Acorn specialise in bespoke developments to meet the local community’s needs.

Acorn Group’s main annual publication is called Acorn Life. Wyndcliff were awarded the contract to design and layout of the 68-page 2017 edition

Design-lead content

Initial pre-agreed template layouts were created by our in house designers. These templates ranged in styles and were the sent to be populated by Acorn in terms of copy provision and possible photographic content .

High standards

Images and copy needed to be of a quality to be accepted for the publication. Copy needed to be standardised in terms of a “house style”. Images needed to be of a high enough resolution for print and of quality.

Working to deadline

Acorn needed the publication delivered in time for Hay Festival. The 68-page, perfect bound magazine required over a week in production, account handlers needed to ensure deadlines were maintained at all times

Content & design needed to be user focused

and still

Promote Acorn

Team Members
Days of Production
Cups of Coffee
Animals harmed in production

*Harvey was “slightly” ignored with reduced walkage