Cotswold Homes

Wyndcliff have a relationship with Cotswold Homes that spans from their origin in 2005. Having defined their initial brand identity in 2005, Wyndcliff continue to work alongside this successful, growing company, having produced brochures / sales literature, website, site signage, marketing campaigns and both regional and national advertising.

Cotswold Homes have seen increasing success with a good reputation as a quality home builder. Their literature, promotional material and signage have to reflect this.

A working partnership

Cotswold Homes present brand and website have been developed by Gravitywell, an award wining Bristol based digital agency. Gravitywell continue to maintain the Cotswold Homes website and another Bristol based company,  Kubiak Creative,  have developed the brand further still.

Wyndcliff supply images and plans as used in literature, brochures, emailers and marketing campaigns readily to all parties, to enable a continuity of marketing across all media

“we’re grateful for the communication between the two teams, as we both push for the best results for the client”

Simon Bos – Creative Director Gravitywell

Brochure work

Present work includes:

  • Floor plan layouts
  • Site plan layouts
  • Promotional Display materials
  • Local and national advertising (newspapers / magazines)
  • On-site signage
  • Campaigns and promotions

“Cotswold Homes entrusts all its marketing requirements to the Wyndcliff team. They offer sound business advice and cost effective marketing solutions – exactly what you need when every penny has to count. From our corporate rebrand to point of sale materials, Wyndcliff delivers on time and on budget.

We couldn’t partner with  a better team.”

Terri Hayes-Pugh
Sales Director, Cotswold Homes